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The NAROO Project

Almost all kinds of celestial bodies have been observed with photographic plates since 1890: natural satellites, planets, Solar System small bodies, stars, galaxies, nebula. The renewed interest about such materials is to enlarge database of transient objects, evolving in time, with very good accuracy and in various topics. The informations extracted from photographic plates are useful in Astrometry, Planetology, Spectroscopy, and Photometry, but not only ! Researches in other fields are now being developed with photographic plates: Astrophysics, Sun magnetic field, General Relativity... that will enlarge the NAROO scientific implication.

For instance, accurate dynamical models are first results of a new astrometric reduction. And Planetology benefits from Astrometry by quantifying cumulative effects in the motion of objects, and by providing constraints on the dissipation of energy over a long time span. This allows us to propose new scenarios of object formation, as it was done for the main satellites of Saturn (Lainey et al. 2017).


New scenario of formation of the main satellites of Saturn (Lainey et al. 2017) - Credits JPL/NASA.