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The NAROO Project

Call for Proposals 2022 (2022B)

Deadline for proposal upload: Friday 01 July, 2022, noon (Paris - CET time)

There is an ON-LINE procedure to prepare AND submit the proposals to NAROO centre. Just use the Run Form.

General principles and proposal selection

Possibility for Large Programs with the 2022B call. As a consequence, the number of photographic plates to digitize is no more limited to 200 per proposal.

Information on the instrument and products can be found in the Digitizer section.

Proposals from PIs working in a French institution are evaluated in priority. All proposals are selected by a Time Allocation Committee (TAC), which covers different scientific topics. Primary criteria to rate the proposals on the NAROO machine are: scientific value, urgency, previous experience from and results obtained by the team. Combining different proposals and proposing key-programs are greatly encouraged. The proponent must check that the digitization criteria match his/her request. Fee is not required for proposals in 2022.

With regard to the needs in disk space, the proponent should provide a hard drive with enough capacity to retrieve the images. No data will be provided online.

All images will enter the NAROO database and PSL collection as low-resolution png previews. On the other hand, the proprietary period of high-resolution FITS files is one year. Once the proprietary period expires, the data enter the public domain and are available to anyone.

All publications using NAROO images should at least mention the following sentence as a footnote on the title page: "Based (Based in part) on digitizations realized at NAROO centre (IMCCE, Paris Observatory, IPSA), France", and all bibliographic references should be sent at the NAROO contact.

Please send your questions by email to the NAROO contact.