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The NAROO Project

There are a very large number of photographic plates available in observatories. One should consider about of 100.000 supports by institute.

Scientific interests mainly depend on the information that one is able to extract. Although, the existence of the necessary metadata for the exploitation remains crucial. Some observatories have carried out inventories of their plates: they are are very useful for researchers with a specific need.

Below are some available inventories more or less precise, but giving an idea of the scientific fields covered by the corresponding observations.
  • Paris Observatory OBSPM, Paris, France
  • Observatory of Côte-d'Azur OCA, Nice, France
  • Observatory of Haute-Provence OHP, Saint-Michel-l'Observatoire, France
  • U.S. Naval Observatory USNO, Washington D.C., USA
  • Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory GAO-SPB, Pulkovo, Russia
  • South African Astronomical Observatory SAAO, Cape Town, South-Africa
  • Sternberg Astronomical Institute SAI, Moscow, Russia
  • Alger Observatory CRAAG, Bouzareah, Algeria
  • Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy AIRA, Bucharet, Romania
  • Shanghai Astronomical Observatory SHAO, Xujiahui, China
  • Smithonian Astrophysical Observatory SAO DASCH, Cambridge MA, USA
  • German project APPLAUSE, Germany
  • Zvenigorod Observatory ZOSA, Moscow region, Russia
We here propose to download all the databases for the plates that were processed at the NAROO center. For more information, send an email to the NAROO contact.
Bordeaux observatory (IAU 999) Download
Caussols observatory (IAU 010) Download
Nice observatory (IAU 020) Download
Pulkovo observatory (IAU 084) Download
ESO La Silla (IAU 809) Download
Palomar Observatory Sky Survey I (IAU 675) Download
Palomar Observatory Sky Survey II (IAU 675) Download
The NAROO center aims at providing astrometric data extracted from photographic plates after a new reduction, using Gaia reference star catalog. The data are available at IMCCE Natural Satellite DataBase NSDB, and/or at the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg CDS.